Albania is positioned in the south-eastern part of Europe and in the western part of the Balkans. In terms of tourism, Albania offers great diversity. Starting from the climate and the possibility of having 4 seasons, creates a great advantage especially in winter and summer tourism. A considerable part of the coast of Albania is still untouched, which intrigues people to conduct numerous expeditions. In addition to the climate and relief, Albania has a very strategic geographical location as it is surrounded by highly developed countries of the European Union, such as Italy and Greece, but not only. This geographical position makes the economic and tourism connection easier.

From a historical point of view, the roots are very deep. Historical sources prove that in the Iron Age the territory of Albania was inhabited by the Illyrians, one of the largest populations of Europe at that time, which extended throughout the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. This fact enriches the territory of the Albanian state with numerous archeological constructions which are also points visited by locals but especially by foreign tourists. Albania for a long time has been occupied by the Roman Empire and then by the Ottoman Empire. From this arises a very interesting fact about religion in the country. Despite the fact that about 70% of Albanians belong to the Muslim religion, among all the official religions in the country there is a harmony, not creating conflicts but also celebrating every official holiday without religious restrictions.

Life in Albania

Despite the portrayals of the Albanian state that it is caught up in organized crime and criminal gangs, this does not mean that the normal life is difficult. Daily life is extremely quiet and safe. What characterizes Albanians is the hospitality they offer not only to locals but also to foreigners, this applies to all Albanian families from the northern to the southern areas. Daily life in the capital city of Albania is very lively, caffes and restaurants are almost never empty. Compared to other European countries and their standards, the cost of living in Albania is very cheap, if we talk more specifically, the cost of an apartment for rent in Tirana varies to $250 per month, food and drinks around $300 per month, transport no more than $50 and so on.

Best Time to Visit Albania

If we talk about the most suitable time to visit Albania, we can say that any time is suitable.

Spring time- If you want good weather, but not too hot, the months from March to May are the most suitable to visit Albania. The weather in the coastal areas is pleasant, thus making it an ideal period to visit the wonderful Albanian Riviera and also enjoy cheap prices.

Summer time- From June to August is the right time to visit the Albanian coast and enjoy the beaches. About 90% of tourists visit the south of Albania in summer.

Fall time- Temperatures this season are cooler but not cold. The months from September to November offer a spectacle of the colors of nature. Various towns such as Kruja or Berat are ideal to visit during this period.

Winter time- Winter is characterized by low temperatures and heavy rainfall, but in this period it is worth visiting the northern areas that are covered with snow and the city of Korca which offers a variety of activities. This period is ideal for skiing and to enjoying the food, the festive atmosphere and the warmth that this city gives.

Why study in albania?

Albania offers a series of advantages to students who choose to continue their studies here. The geographical location of Albania has great benefits as it is in the southeast of Europe and is surrounded by countries such as Italy and Greece. This location makes it easier to connect with developed countries and gives students the opportunity to explore Europe while continuing their studies.

To study in Albania means to face a rich and diverse culture, which is mostly characterized by hospitality and friendliness. Albanian culture is so diverse that it varies from city to city, from northern to southern areas. As a country that has been most of its time in transition, despite the fact that the majority of the population, almost 70% are Muslim, Albanian citizens maintain a harmony between religious beliefs by respecting each person.

Another element developed in Albania is tourism. Various vacationers do not come here only during the summer period, but also frequent mountain tourism, especially in the northern and eastern areas of the country. Apart from being a safe place to live and study, costs of living in Albania compared to European countries are very low.

Albania and the EU

Albania is not a member of the European Union yet, but the realization of this dream is closer than ever. Despite not being in this Union, Albania is a very Europeanized country and the opportunities offered are great. NOVARIC® Academy has collaborations with various universities in Europe. We offer joint enrolment in approved programmes leading to the issuance of academic degrees.